Hugh's Resume


I have more than 20 years experience of licensing and selling innovative products across Europe, China, Japan, Korea, and the United States. This is reflected in a consistent career track record of delivering revenue growth while serving in Executive Board positions for both public and private companies - and, more recently, in Non-Executive, Interim, and Advisory roles.



There has always been an international focus to my professional life. I have worked for Swedish, German, US and Korean employers. Similarly, I have recruited and managed sales and technical teams across EMEA, APAC, and North America. I have particular experience of licensing intellectual property into Japan and China.

Since I went plural with my career, a typical assignment has lasted just over six months - and I have taken on NED and Advisory Board work in parallel with this. I am currently working for companies involved in RFID, in mobile phone camera actuators, in enhanced capacitive touch technology, and in organic semiconductors.

Ichiro's Resume

I have held senior positions in both Sales and Business Development, often working on behalf of international partners and companies. Within the last few years, I have managed projects and customer relationships with NEC, Kyocera, Fuji Xerox, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Konica Minolta, Canon, Nissha, Hoshiden, Alps, Futaba, Toppan, DNP, Hitachi, and Casio.

I graduated from Chuo University in Commerce and Accounting, and speak fluent English.

Career History

Since 2015

Since 2013

2008 - 2013

2005 - 2008

1998 - 2005


Non-Executive Director - Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd, Cambridge, UK

The company is a leader in and licensor of Smart Metal Alloy technology, particularly for use in mobile phone applications.

Interim Global Sales Director - various assignments and projects

I have worked within a number of companies seeking to grow revenues and expand into new markets in Asia and North America. These clients have included Nujira (now Qualcomm), V-Nova, and Telensa.

VP of International Sales and Marketing - ELK Corporation, Daejon, South Korea

ELK is a leading supplier of touch technology and component assemblies to mobile phone companies including Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Apple, and HP. During my tenure, annual sales grew from $30m to over $350m.

Sales and Marketing Director - Pelikon Ltd, Cambridge, UK

Peilikon was a licensor of EL technology and manufacturer of component assemblies for consumer electronics and mobile phone companies. Licensees included Motorola and Toshiba, and the company was acquired by MFlex in 2008.

Sales and Marketing Director - Xaar Plc, Cambridge, UK

I was the original Sales Director at Xaar, a licensor of inkjet technology, and a manufacturer of industrial printheads. Licensees included Sharp, Seiko, Konica, Brother, and Kyocera, and the main market for Xaar printheads became China. During my tenure, annual sales grew fro £1.5m to £35m.

Prior to my Board career, I worked in various Sales, Sales Management, and General Management roles in the telecoms and PC industries. This included time at Plessey, Telia, Computer 2000, and Hitachi.

I have more than 30 years experience of selling to major Japanese corporations, with much of my career spent at Kaga Electronics, one of the leading distributors of electronic devices and components in Japan.

Career History


2011 - 2019

1997 - 2011

1996 - 1997

1995 - 1996

1987 - 1995



Sales Director - ELK Corporation, Daejon, South Korea

ELK is a leading supplier of touch technology and component assemblies to mobile phone companies including Samsung, Sony, LG, and HP. I was responsible for managing relationships with customers, suppliers, and strategic partners in Japan.

Sales Manager - Kaga Electronics/Kaga Components, Tokyo, Japan

I worked in a number of Business Development and Sales Management roles, promoting our international customers' technology and products to leading corporations in Japan.

Sales Manager - Kikakushitsu Yu Co., Tokyo, Japan

A distributor for Apple in Japan.

Sales Manager - D-Link Co., Kanazawa, Japan

An IT start-up in Japan.

Sales Team Leader - Kaga Electronics, Tokyo, Japan

I started as a Sales Representative before being promoted to Team Leader for OEM Sales.