Our China Sales Representation package enables our client companies to generate initial sales traction before recruiting their own staff locally or making any long term financial commitments.


We provide you with a Shenzhen business address, expert advice, and experienced Sales representation - all under your own company's branding. In addition to visiting customers and closing contracts, we can ensure the most effective use of your own business trips to China, attend trade shows on your behalf, and make relevant business introductions from within our networks of contacts.

China is the world's second largest economy and its largest trading nation - as well as being the UK's fifth largest export market. 

Previously fuelled by industry and investment, growth in China today is increasingly driven by domestic consumption. Although more than

100 of the Global Fortune 500 companies are now Chinese,

over 80% of their revenues are still earned at home.

Only the USA spends more on R&D than China, and this opens up enormous opportunity to any ambitious UK technology company.

It is usual to be involved in a series of business meetings with a potential customer in China, with such meetings focused on building a relationship as much as exchanging information. Decisions will very rarely be made during a first meeting, and are usually reached over time through consensus-style discussions - but this can only happen if you have the right people on the ground working on your behalf.   


Our Team in China have many years' experience of sales, management, and business development in the country, working for and with international companies and partners.


A local office demonstrates to your potential customers that you are committed to building your business in China.


We provide our client companies with their own virtual office with a dual language telephone answering service and access to

meeting rooms as required.


Our own office is situated in Shenzhen, sometimes referred to as China's "Silicon Valley" and itself a leading global technology hub.

A significant percentage of the world's televisions and mobile phones are manufactured here, and the region hosts the headquarters of companies such as Tencent, ZTE, Huawei, and OnePlus.

Our local team has worked in senior sales and management roles in China for many years - mostly representing international companies- and they have longstanding relationships within many leading companies.

Our network of contacts and companies covers both Beijing and Shanghai as well as Shenzhen.

We have successfully negotiated technology licensing agreements and sold hardware into China - and have particularly strong connections within the mobile

phone sector.


While China presents huge opportunity to any ambitious technology company, the process of establishing your own legal entity, finding office space, and recruiting local staff involves a significant upfront investment of time and resources.

Our Sales Representation package offers a costs effective and

low risk entry strategy for this exciting market. 

We usually work under our client companies' branding when representing them, enabling them to establish a commercial foothold before having to make any long term investment.

"I have worked with Hugh over a number of projects, and his insight into technology, markets, and cross-border licensing gives him an enviable track record. His interpersonal skills and logical approach enable him to operate within multiple international cultures, and engage effectively with large company senior teams."

Mike Powell,
Managing Partner, Renevo Capital