Often our clients reach out to us because their revenues have failed to materialise, or have stalled. Usually we are introduced by investors or Boards to work alongside and through an existing Executive Team. We have established relationships with a number of the leading VC's, and all of our current clients have come to us through recommendation.

We can bring a wealth of experience alongside a fresh perspective. We do not just propose a revised Sales strategy, we always play an active role in implementing that change. We set realistic goals against which we can all be measured. We often play an active role in bringing in new Sales and Management talent. In many cases we have implemented or re-launched an effective CRM to drive the Sales process and to better track customer engagement.

For companies looking to open up new international markets - whether in Europe, North America, or Asia - we can work through the potential risks, help set realistic goals, and devise a credible plan to achieve these.


During our careers, we have recruited and managed Sales and technical teams across EMEA, APAC, and North America. ​


Many of our client companies have chosen to use that experience to help them specify and fill key Sales roles within their organisations. ​


We have worked alongside a number of leading Executive Search companies specialising in the Technology space, strengthening  the commercial focus within our client companies and bringing on board additional Sales and Management talent.

For many established companies, opening up new international markets can play a key role in driving the continued growth of their businesses - but this is always a significant undertaking that brings with it an element of risk. ​


We have set up USA subsidiaries for four different companies. We have helped six companies to launch in China, find local partners, and win their first Chinese customers. We have opened offices in both France and Germany. We have our own office in Japan. ​


We can help you draw up a clear Strategy and Business Plan, set realistic goals, and understand how you are going to achieve them.


A CRM is an essential tool to drive and track your Sales and revenues. There are at least 80 vendors of CRM software - and even more specialist resellers - who can advise why their solution is particularly suited to your needs. ​


If you do not know where to start, however, we have specified and implemented multiple CRM systems over the last five years, and can share the methodology that we have found to be most effective. ​


More importantly, we can work with to ensure that you set realistic expectations against your CRM investment, configure the system to suit your sales cycle and practices, and implement it smoothly and effectively.

" Hugh’s recent contribution to PervasID has been genuinely transformative. Working together we have drawn up and implemented an aggressive four year revenue growth plan - and recruited a VP of Sales to implement it. The company is already tracking ahead of these ambitious targets, and we are now starting to explore exciting licensing opportunities in Japan"

Sabesan Sithamparanathan,
CEO, PervasID